Permanent Hair Removal Process Via Electrolysis

How long does it take?

Like most things, permanent hair removal does not happen overnight, but there is a big payoff – it DOES work! Treatment frequency and duration varies from individual to individual and depends on your hair growth cycle. As treatment progresses, you’ll notice treatments becoming shorter and less frequent, until follicles are damaged to the point that they no longer produce hair whatsoever – and the results last forever! Treatment frequency also depends on personal preference, insofar as how much visible hair you’re comfortable having between treatments. For example, clients who prefer to have their treatment areas completely free of hair will come in more frequently than those who prefer to come in for longer treatments less frequently. Our specialists tailor treatment schedules to each individual client to help them achieve their permanent hair removal goals as quickly as possible. Of course, everyone wants to know how long the process takes overall, and, as you can probably guess, there is no one answer. To speak very generally, we typically advise that the entire process takes about 1.5 years – sometimes more, sometimes less, all depending on the individual. During the free consultation that all new clients receive, your electrologist will be able to take a look at your particular hair and desired treatment area(s) so that they can give you a better idea of what you can expect on your journey to permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis Costs

Everyone is different – and the same applies to hair! The time it takes to remove unwanted hair differs from person to person, so pricing at Nios is based on treatment time – not treatment area – thereby ensuring that you only pay for the time you need. Sessions can be booked for any 5-minute interval of time, from 5 minutes to multiple hours.

Free consultations

All new clients get a free consultation (about 15-20 minutes) before beginning their treatment. During this time our specialists carefully assess your skin and hair to determine the course of action best suited to your body and individual hair removal goals. The consultation also covers the basics of the electrolysis process and gives you an opportunity to address any initial questions or concerns you may have so that you feel confident and comfortable before your first session even begins!

Our team of professionals takes each individual client’s hair and skin into careful consideration, making the most out of each session on the road to smooth skin!

Price List

We’ve listed some of our most common treatment times with their corresponding costs to give you a sense of our pricing structure:

15 minutes = $50
30 minutes = $80
45 minutes = $110
60 minutes = $130

Electrolysis Discount/Hair Removal Packages

Save 10% when you purchase a package of 10+ sessions! (These are “no-risk” packages – we will refund you the remaining balance of the undiscounted package should you choose to stop in the middle.)

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