Permanent Removal of White, Grey, Blond, Red, and Fuzz (Peach) Hair

You probably already know that laser hair removal may work for thick dark hair on light skin, but is of virtually no use for white, blond, grey, red, or fuzz (otherwise known as peach or velus) hair. But you might be wondering why and if you can still remove the hair permanently somehow (yes!). Here's what you need to know:

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser destroys hair follicles using heat, but the heat must reach the root of the hair follicle, which lies beneath the skin. Yet the heat produced by laser only hits the surface of your skin (which is the reason you can experience side effects such as burning). This heat travels down your hair, and when it reaches the follicle root in sufficient quantity, it can delay its growth. But not enough heat always travels down - which is why laser doesn't always work.

Why can't laser hair removal treat white, grey, blond, red, and fuzz (peach) hair?

After it hits your skin, heat produced by laser must travel through the dark hair pigment to the root of the follicle. The effectiveness of laser therefore depends on the contrasting amount of pigment in your hair compared to your skin: the lighter your hair color or the darker your skin color, the less effective laser becomes. This also explains why people with nearly no pigment in their hair (blond, white, grey, fuzz) or those with a lot of pigment in their skin (tan or dark skin) are difficult to treat with laser.

How is electrolysis different and why is it the only real permanent hair removal system?

Electrolysis brings the heat directly to the follicle and only destroys the cells that need to be eliminated.  It doesn't depend on pigment in order to work and therefore remains fully effective for white, grey, red, blond and fuzz hair as well as tan or dark skin. It's as simple as that!

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