Transgender Permanent Hair Removal Via Electrolysis

For the TG community, permanent hair removal is much more than just a cosmetic treatment; it is part of the core identity. Because electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method of permanent hair removal, it tends to be the chosen method of hair removal for clients in transition. At Nios, we are particularly attuned to the needs of transgender clients, and we provide a friendly, safe and supportive environment for hair removal at any stage of the transition process.

We have transgender clients at every stage; some are just beginning their transition, while others are getting close to making an official change. We also have many transgender clients who come to our office long after surgery to achieve smoother skin or any other goals they didn’t have the opportunity to address previously. No matter where you are in the transition process (or even if you’re still unsure!), we’ve been down this road many times and will be happy to help guide you along on your journey.

Insurance Coverage

We are one of the few centers in the country who can accept some health insurances. This is a new and evolving area, so please be patient and understanding if we cannot work with your specific provider – we are working hard to add more. Please call our office for details!

Permanent Hair Removal Areas

The process of permanent hair removal is particularly vital for clients in transition. Of course, everyone is different, but treatment areas often depend on the stage of transition a client is in. Many male-to-female clients begin by focusing on facial hair, due to its necessarily visible nature and the key role it tends to play in one’s gender identity.

Permanent hair removal is also a key prerequisite for gender reassignment surgery. Our specialists have a great deal of experience working with pre-op clients to meet the requirements necessary to move forward with their milestone surgery. Areas typically treated prior to surgery include the genitals, and the grafting area if one is being used. Our technicians expertise extends beyond the technical aspects of permanent hair removal to a familiarity with the emotional side of the process as well, and they have a keen understanding and sensitivity to the challenges particular to those in transition.

To increase the efficacy of electrolysis and achieve desired results as soon as possible, we recommend coming in as regularly as possible at first to clear the area of unwanted hair and then keep up with each hair growth cycle. While this may involve regular treatments at first – often multiple per week, due to the nature of androgen-driven hair – your conscientiousness will pay off, with treatment times reducing in duration and frequency as you go along.

We invite you to make an appointment for a free confidential consultation, during which you will also be able to get a free patch test, learn more about electrolysis, and about us. Browse the rest of our site to learn more and call us to find a convenient time to meet.

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