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Electrolysis for permanent hair removal

Before you blame “bad genes” for your hairy lip, you should know that you aren’t alone. In fact, most women deal with stubborn upper lip and chin hair. As clubs go, this one is far from exclusive.

And while it may be easier to chalk it up to bad luck — and indeed, some hair growth is certainly normal even if you consider it unsightly — a common cause for this excessive and visible hair growth around the mouth and chin is a condition called hirsutism.

Some opt for shaving or tweezing, but that little stubble might come back with a vengeance. Others try bleaching, but that leaves the hair visible or makes applying make-up a nightmare. 

And then there’s laser hair removal.

But using a laser to tackle some rogue hairs is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. These treatments can be somewhat effective but the results might be short-lived. Laser also can’t treat (peach) fuzz or white, gray, blonde, or red hair.

Electrolysis uses fancy tech to zap those unwanted hair follicles with gentle electric currents. And here's the kicker: since it targets the root of the hair, electrolysis can take on everything from dainty peach fuzz to stubborn thickets. It's reliable, it's versatile, and it’s the only FDA-approved claim for permanent hair removal.

Ready to stop the ‘stache for good? Our techs are here to help put a stop to the stubble.

Electrolysis uses a refined, bendy probe to deliver heat directly to and destroy hair roots.
It doesn’t rely on hair or skin color, as opposed to other hair removal methods. This is why it’s the only method that can even treat white, gray, red, and fuzz hair and any skin color.
It’s therefore the only FDA-approved method to claim permanent removal (others can only offer permanent reduction).
Electrolysis Advantages
Waxing Laser Hair Reduction Electrolysis
Wax adheres to and pulls out hair
Applies energy to entire skin, which descends through pigment
Delivers energy precisely to roots with refined, bendy probe
Approximate (~½ applicator)
Perfect (individual hair level)
Skin color
Struggles with dark & tan
Hair colors
No white, gray, blond, red, or fuzz. Partial for light brown 
Ripping pull
Rubber band snap
Small pricking sensation
Temporary results
Permanent reduction
Permanent removal

I was pleasantly surprised by how minimal the discomfort was during my electrolysis treatment. Compared to other methods I've tried, it was virtually painless, leaving me feeling confident and at ease.

Ellie M, our client
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Avery N
“I feel so safe with these Electrologists”
I am currently lying on the table at Nios getting electrolysis on the stomach, and I must say I feel so safe with these Electrologists. Everyone here is helpful, kind, and mindful of what the process is like for the client.
Katerina M
“It was a delightful and rejuvenating time”
It was a delightful and rejuvenating time that we both thoroughly enjoyed. NIOS Spa is now our go-to for couples' pampering sessions!
Community A
“A standard every hair removal provider should strive for”
Based on the 10+ sessions I have received; Nios offers a standard every hair removal provider should strive for. Their front desk staff have catered to every need/request I verbalized, and their facility is hygienic as well as professional.
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