Nios Permanent Hair Removal Center

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Nios Permanent Hair Removal Center

Nios is redefining the practice of permanent hair removal and electrolysis in NYC! The best electrologists, the best equipment, the highest safety standards in NY, and a commitment to customer service. In particular, we recommend

Discovering why electrolysis is the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal method.

Exploring how we keep the highest permanent hair removal training and safety practices in Manhattan.

Meeting our team, all of whom are Certified Professional Electrologists (CPE). 

And learning how we contribute back to the New York City community.

We offer free consultations and patch tests - call us to find a time that works for you!


  • Permanent Hair Removal via Electrolysis
  • Permanent Eyebrow Shaping
  • Ingrown Hair
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Free consultation

Free Consultation

Ready to start treatment? Have more questions? Want to see what electrolysis feels like?

We offer free consultations and free patch tests so that you can get recommendations tailored to your own situation...

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Latest articles from our blog!

Electrolysis vs. Laser

Permanent Hair Removal vs. Permanent Hair Reduction Electrolysis - not laser - is the only hair removal method approved by the F.D.A. for permanent hair removal. Read on to find out why electrolysis is universally successful, while laser hair removal does not work for everybody. Why doesn’t laser work for everyone? Electrolysis permanent...

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Electrolysis Aftercare

As a means of permanent hair removal, electrolysis works for everybody, regardless of hair or skin type. Some clients have skin that exhibits little visible reaction following their treatments (some even come in on their lunch breaks!), but on average, you should expect to have redness for several days after treatment. That said, we’ve compile...

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PCOS & Unwanted Hair Growth

We treat many female clients who come in seeking permanent hair removal for unwanted hair growth caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a medical condition affecting millions of women around the world. PCOS causes a hormonal imbalance leading to symptoms that include unwanted hair growth, irregular menstrual cycles, fertility complicatio...

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The Ouch Factor

“Does it hurt?”  It’s one of the most frequent questions we get from clients new to permanent hair removal via electrolysis - and it’s also one of the most difficult to answer, because the cliche is true: “everyone is different.”  Some are unbothered by the sensation (we even have clients that nap during their treatments - believe it or not, the...

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Meet Our Team

  • Joshua Gordon

    Joshua Gordon, M.D.


  • Robin Krichman

    Robin Krichman , CPE

    Senior Electrologist

  • Maura McCarthy

    Maura McCarthy , CPE

    Senior Electrologist

  • Nancy Chemidlin

    Nancy Chemidlin

    Senior Electrologist

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