We are a group of healthcare professionals and statistical engineers who joined beauty experts and aestheticians to create NIOS — not a medical office, not a spa, just the perfect in between.


The largest electrosis center, using the only method approved by FDA to claim the permanent hair removal. Treating all hair colors, areas and genders.

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A mix of tech-focused treatments with a holistic approach. Choose from options that target aging, acne or rough skin.

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Give your skin a tuneup while your mind and spirit enjoy a hair soothing break from the NYC grind!

Our nerdy healthcare professionals (their words!) worked with our far-cooler aestheticians to design facial treatments that leave you glowing and target various skin concerns.

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  • Androgenic Hair Growth in Women | Nios
    Androgenic Hair Growth in Women | Nios

    Anyone who has experienced unwanted hair growth has at least one thing in common: they want to get rid of that hair!  While doing so is often top-of-mind (believe us, we get it!), it can also be helpful to understand what is causing the hair to grow in the first place.



    Androgenic Hair Growth Appearance

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  • Managing Hair Growth Between Appointments | Nios
    Managing Hair Growth Between Appointments | Nios

    In light of our temporary closure during COVID-19, we wanted to share the following tips for managing hair growth between appointments. Although missing electrolysis treatments is not ideal

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  • Electrolysis During Pregnancy | Nios
    Electrolysis During Pregnancy | Nios

    Pregnancy is an exciting time, and one we love sharing with our expectant clients! Electrolysis during pregnancy is indeed considered safe – when the right method is used.

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