Permanent Facial Hair Removal with Electrolysis

The vast majority of women have facial hair growth in one area or another. Removing it permanently is much more than a cosmetic procedure - when you're left wondering if you have hair on your lip, chin, sideburns, eyebrows, or neck, you feel less confident, which affects your daily interactions. It sounds superficial, but it's anything but. 

Men are not spared either: facial ingrown hairs or razor bumps as a result of shaving are common, often occurring on the neck. Many men also want to treat excessive growth on their cheeks, eyebrows, or ears.

Instead of constant tweezing, waxing, threading, or shaving, you can invest the same time and money toward achieving a permanent solution. The freedom from worrying about alone is worth it. 

Electrolysis is the only technique that can fully and safely get rif of facial hair. Not only is laser not approved for permanent hair removal (see the page explaining why), laser treats a circular area around the size of a coin and is therefore not good at the precise treatments the face requires. Electrolysis is so precise, we can shape your eyebrows in the exact way you want.

Treating the face is our bread and butter with the most common areas for women being the lip, chin, eyebrows, neck, and sideburns and for men eyebrows, cheeks, ears, and neck. Additionally, electrolysis is fully effective on all hair colors, including white, blond, or grey hair, and on all skin colors, including tan or very dark skin. No other hair removal method can make that claim!

Nios is redefining the practice of permanent hair removal and electrolysis in New York. We are conveniently located near nine subways and have the highest safety procedures and the best-trained electrologists, all of whom are Certified Professional Electrologists (CPE) - possibly the only center in NYC to require this. We know you may have more questions, which is why we offer free, no-pressure (really!) consultations - call us and we'd be happy to find a slot that works for you. And browse our site to learn more.