White, Grey, Blonde and Red Permanent Hair Removal Via Electrolysis

Grey and White Hair

Electrolysis is the best hair removal method for white and grey hairs, as even people who opt for laser hair removal find it ineffective on this hair type because laser relies on color (conferred by the molecule melanin) to work. Luckily, all electrolysis needs to be effective is the hair itself, making grey and white hair entirely suitable candidates for permanent hair removal.

Blonde and Red Hair

Blonde hair encompasses a range, from super light (“platinum”) blonde to “dirty blonde” and “strawberry blonde” which refer to brown-blonde hair and red-blonde hair, respectively. Like white and grey hair, blonde hair is low on melanin, rendering laser hair removal ineffective.

Not only is electrolysis effective on white, grey, blond, and red hair, it is as effective on these colors as it is on black hair!

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