Men Hair Removal in New York

Indeed, close to a third of our clients are men. Our specialists treat clients with a range of hair removal needs, from those seeking full body hair removal to those who want to remove hair from small areas (between the eyebrows, ear hair, etc.) – and everything in between!

Permanent Hair Removal Areas

Men often treat: shoulder hair, back hair, buttocks hair, pubic hair, armpit hair, finger hair, leg hair, chest hair, stomach hair, nose hair, ear hair, cheek hair, chin hair, arm hair, eyebrow hair (unibrow), and more, including male full body hair removal

Male Body Hair Removal

It is physically awkward – and often painful! – to remove certain hairs at home, like back hair, shoulder hair, ear hair and hair on the buttocks. To reach difficult-to-access parts of the body themselves, men often turn to uncomfortable back shavers or seek help via painful hair removal methods like waxing. Our permanent hair removal specialists are among the best in New York, and they specialize in removing back, shoulder, and ear hair.

Our mission to permanently remove unwanted body hair isn’t just limited to the places that you can’t reach; afterall, just because you can shave at home doesn’t mean you want to, and many of our clients come to Nios to cross epilation and depilation off of their regular to-do lists – forever! Males seeking to liberate themselves from this particularly frustrating aspect of personal grooming trust us to seek and destroy everything from leg hair and pubic hair to stomach hair, finger hair, and beyond.

Male Facial Hair Removal

Whether you want to permanently remove your facial hair in its entirety (hello, smooth skin!) or simply make it easier to show off your beard, mustache, etc., electrolysis can help you achieve your goals. Electrolysis makes maintaining facial hair easier by permanently removing excess cheek hair, neck hair, and eyebrow hair (unibrow), as well as nose hair and forehead hair. Our electrologists work with male clients to skillfully shape the hairline on the jaw, chin and eyebrows to simplify the grooming process and make maintaining desired hair on these areas that much easier.

Of course, the catalyst for facial hair removal extends well beyond cosmetic desires alone. Routine shaving or waxing can irritate sensitive skin, causing razor burn that is not only unsightly, but uncomfortable too. In addition to be highly visible, areas like the neck and jaw are also particularly prone to ingrown hairs, causing discomfort and getting in the way of efficient personal grooming processes. **link to our page that goes into further ingrown hair detail (Click here to read more about how electrolysis can help you treat and prevent ingrown hairs!)

Supplementing Other Hair Reduction Methods

Some of our male clients have already had laser hair removal services and come to us to treat hairs that could not be treated by laser. Also, because laser only results in hair reduction, electrolysis offers a more permanent method for those who prefer not to have regular laser touch ups. Click here to learn more about the benefits to choosing electrolysis over laser hair removal **

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