The amount of time required for electrolysis varies greatly from person to person.

For example, two people may want to remove underarm hair, but the first, who only has a little hair, might get treated for 15 minutes while a second person may need 60 minutes. We can give you better estimates of treatment length and number of treatments when you come in for a free consultation.

As much as we’d like, giving estimates over the phone isn’t easy since we need to see how much hair you have! But that’s exactly why we offer the consultations. That said, if you’re about average, most small areas (lip, chin, eyebrows, fingers, etc) may take 15 minutes, underarms may be 30-60 minutes, and so on.

Please help us keep the consultations free! We require a credit card number at time of reservation to hold your consultation, though the consultation is complimentary and we do not charge your card.

We charge $72 for consultations who cancel with less than 24-hour notice or do not show up.

You can get a 10% discount by purchasing a package of 10 treatments.

We treat in 5 minutes intervals!
Full price list
Minutes Price
5 $30
10 $40
15 $50
20 $60
25 $70
30 $80
35 $90
40 $100
45 $110
50 $117
55 $123
60 $130
75 $163
90 $195
105 $228
120 $260