1 hour: $160

10% discount on packages of 10 or more treatments


goes by time (not body part)

Senior technician: $
Junior technician: $
How much time do I need?

Electrolysis goes by time, as opposed to laser hair reduction, which goes by body part. The amount of time varies from person to person; for example, one person removing underarm hair may need 30 minutes because they have sparse hair, but a second may need 60 minutes or more.

That said, if you’re about average, most small areas (lip, chin, eyebrows, fingers, etc) may take 15 minutes (range from 5-30 minutes), underarms may average 45-60 minutes (range from 15-120 minutes), and so on.

Since we can’t see how much hair you have over the phone (even if we’d like to!), we offer free consultations to do just that - we’ll give better estimates regarding the number and length of treatments when you come in.