Fight Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hair With Permanent Hair Removal

Let’s face it: not all of us can grow that perfect beard, or stay bikini-ready year-round. But there’s more than one way to take on razor bumps, and electrolysis permanent hair removal is leading the pack.

Razor bumps, or pseudofolliculitis barbae

In medical lingo occur when curly hairs grow back into the skin — hence: ingrown — causing irritation, inflammation, itchiness, and an unsightly cluster of bumps.

Plot twist: the madness doesn't stop at the neck area and can happen anywhere you shave, wax or pluck. Ask any guy looking to do a bit of manscaping or woman gearing up for bikini season and they'll tell you – ingrown hairs are equal opportunity annoyers. Suddenly, everyday social situations like job interviews, presentations, beach outings — intimacy — become way more complicated than they should be. 

Short of letting your hair grow wild, you may find some, if any, relief through laser hair removal

But laser treatments are far from a magic bullet. For starters, they aren’t permanent, and aren’t designed to remove ingrown hair underneath the skin. And laser treatments are even less effective on African Americans, who tend to have curly hair and are among the hardest hit by razor bumps.

But we’ve got a solution:



Electrolysis uses the latest tech to send delicate heat to the root of those unwanted hair follicles.

In many cases, insurance is required to cover these services.

And once you take down the hair follicles, the ingrown hairs and razor bumps go down too.

Electrolysis is the ONLY FDA-approved method to permanently remove the hair causing these razor bumps. It also works on all skin and hair colors and is effective at lowering the risk of infections and alleviating that constant itchiness and discomfort.

Don’t let razor bumps steal the spotlight.

Electrolysis uses a refined, bendy probe to deliver heat directly to and destroy hair roots.
It doesn’t rely on hair or skin color, as opposed to other hair removal methods. This is why it’s the only method that can even treat white, gray, red, and fuzz hair and any skin color.
It’s therefore the only FDA-approved method to claim permanent removal (others can only offer permanent reduction).
Electrolysis Advantages
Waxing Laser Hair Reduction Electrolysis
Wax adheres to and pulls out hair
Applies energy to entire skin, which descends through pigment
Delivers energy precisely to roots with refined, bendy probe
Approximate (~½ applicator)
Perfect (individual hair level)
Skin color
Struggles with dark & tan
Hair colors
No white, gray, blond, red, or fuzz. Partial for light brown 
Ripping pull
Rubber band snap
Small pricking sensation
Temporary results
Permanent reduction
Permanent removal

I was pleasantly surprised by how minimal the discomfort was during my electrolysis treatment. Compared to other methods I've tried, it was virtually painless, leaving me feeling confident and at ease.

Ellie M, our client
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Avery N
“I feel so safe with these Electrologists”
I am currently lying on the table at Nios getting electrolysis on the stomach, and I must say I feel so safe with these Electrologists. Everyone here is helpful, kind, and mindful of what the process is like for the client.
Katerina M
“It was a delightful and rejuvenating time”
It was a delightful and rejuvenating time that we both thoroughly enjoyed. NIOS Spa is now our go-to for couples' pampering sessions!
Community A
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Based on the 10+ sessions I have received; Nios offers a standard every hair removal provider should strive for. Their front desk staff have catered to every need/request I verbalized, and their facility is hygienic as well as professional.
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