Permanent Eyebrow Shaping Via Electrolysis

Eyebrows frame the face and have a big impact on the appearance of the face as a whole. That’s why women spend so much time (and money!) shaping and maintaining their perfect brows ( read this post on our blog to learn more about finding the right eyebrow shape for your face!). Electrolysis offers something that your favorite brow bar cannot: permanently perfect brows. Eyebrow shaping is both an art and a science, requiring not only a keen understanding of facial shape and structure but also extreme precision, which is why so many women choose techniques like tweezing and threading to remove their eyebrow hair, even though the results may last for even less time than laser. Electrolysis offers a solution better than any of the other techniques, permanently removing the hair follicle by follicle. Our electrologists can help you determine which eyebrow shape is best for you, and then help you remove any stray hairs and “unibrow” hairs, eliminating the need for painful maintenance and proving that beauty can be a breeze!

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