Managing Hair Growth Between Appointments | Nios

Although missing electrolysis appointments is not ideal, sometimes life gets in the way. If you're ever stuck having to wait longer than you should between electrolysis appointments, there are some things you can do (and some things to avoid!) to manage hair growth until you're able to resume treatments:

Avoid fully removing unwanted hairs

Continue to avoid tweezing. plucking, and waxing (once we reopen, we want to able to zap those hairs!) Methods to reduce visibility of unwanted hairs between electrolysis sessions

If you need to reduce the visibility of hair growth, you can clip, cut, or shave. You may also bleach if you know already that that works well for you (but if you haven’t tried this method we recommend sticking to clipping or shaving, as lightening products are difficult to use properly and can cause skin irritation).

Most importantly, it’s best to get treatment back on track as soon as possible. Visit to check availability and book your next appointment :).