Sideburns, Cheeks and Chin Permanent Hair Removal Via Electrolysis

Sideburns Hair Removal

In addition to being a popular area for male facial hair shaping, sideburns are a common site of unwanted hair for women who find that, similar to their upper lip hair, the peach fuzz that grows here can be quite visible, and makeup tends to make it stand out even more. Taming sideburns with electrolysis gives men one less thing to worry about when grooming, and it helps women feel even more confident in their skin (ponytails, anyone?).

Cheeks Hair Removal, Chin Hair Removal

For men, removing cheek and chin hair tends to be another part of facial hair shaping. Our specialists work with male clients to find the most flattering facial hair shapes for them, and remove errant cheek and chin hair accordingly, leaving behind only the “right” facial hair! Female cheek and chin hair removal sometimes involves removing peach fuzz all over the area and, other times, is just limited to the removal of random hairs that stand out from the rest but can be tricky to find and pluck out at home.

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