Fuzz Hair Permanent Hair Removal Via Electrolysis

You may know vellus hairs as “peach fuzz,” so named for its resemblance to the fine, fuzzy hairs that cover a peach. These soft hairs help insulate the body and can be found almost everywhere on the body (exceptions include lips and palms, to name a couple) from childhood on. Fuzz hair is often light colored and less noticeable than other hair, but it can be a source of distress, particularly in highly visible areas like the face, where women in particular seek hair removal treatments to make their skin smoother and ease makeup application. Since laser relies on more pigment than vellus hairs typically have, it is largely ineffective on this hair type. Vellus hairs can be difficult to grab with tweezers because they’re so fine, and removing them all is too labor intensive for a temporary fix to be worth the time and cost. Unlike these fixes, electrolysis effectively removes vellus hair permanently, making it a perfect go-to for vellus hair removal.

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