Permanent Hair Removal Via Electrolysis After-Care Tips

Follow these tips for best after-electrolysis results!

It's normal for the treated area to be red and slightly puffy after treatment. The redness gradually declines, but f the area continues to feel irritated after several hours, you can apply Witch-hazel (sold over the counter). Scabbing can be a normal part of the healing process and typically goes away after a few days and can take as long as a week.

First 24 hours after treatment:

Don't do anything that can irritate your skin until it calms down. We can't list an infinite list of things here, but for example refrain from rubbing scratching, squeezing, or touching the treated area so as not to contaminate it. Also don't apply direct ice, perfume, deodorant soap, oil-based makeup, moisturizers, and cleansing grains and sponges. Do keep the area clean - you can rinse at night with a mild soap.

First 48 hours after treatment(or as long as your skin is irritated):

Don't bleach, use depilatory products, or shave.


Avoid tanning at least one day before and after your treatment. Though it's best to avoid the sun for a few days after treatment, it's not terrible if you do venture out beforehand - just make sure to use a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF for the first week after treatment.

And remember the golden rule of electrolysis:

don't tweeze, wax, or thread as this will prolong the time it takes to achieve permanent results! We know it may be tempting if you're away on vacation. Don't. :) You can cut or shave your hair in between treatments, but stop at least 3-4 days before your next session.

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