The Ouch Factor | Nios Spa

“Does it hurt?” It’s one of the most frequent questions we get from clients new to permanent hair removal via electrolysis – and it’s also one of the most difficult to answer, because the cliche is true: “everyone is different.” Some are unbothered by the sensation (we even have clients that nap during their treatments – believe it or not, they consider us a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of New York City!) while others can’t even imagine being able to peacefully doze while their hair is removed.

The best description we can give of the way it feels is kind of like a hair being tweezed and it’s important to note that the vast majority of our customers are comfortable enough – it’s extremely rare for someone to stop because of the way the treatment feels. Read on to see how you can get a better idea of what to expect as well as learn some tips to manage comfort on your journey to permanent hair removal.

Treatment areas
While it’s impossible to determine your pain level ahead of time with total accuracy, some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, so your preferred treatment area may be able to lend some insight into your likelihood for discomfort. Regularly exposed areas like legs, arms and even much of the back are generally hardier and less prone to high sensitivity. On the other end of the spectrum are more sensitive areas like the lip, underarms and bikini line, from which removing hair permanently is likely to be a bit more painful.

Pain prevention
For those who need a little extra help, have no fear, there are a few simple tricks you can follow: First, simple relaxation techniques like deep breathing and comforting music may be sufficient to keep pain to a minimum. Our stereo system is set up such that you can listen to whatever music you personally find relaxing.

Icing is a technique that works for some – you can ask for ice during your treatment, which helps numb the area. We can also toggle the settings a bit to reduce the heat level.

Another common pain prevention technique involves using a topical numbing cream, like lidocaine (4% or 5%). EMLA is one popular brand that you can buy at most pharmacies. Some people swear by it, others feel it has little effect. Since a cream needs about 30 minutes or so to take optimal effect, clients treating the face often get to our office early to apply their cream privately instead of while they’re out and about. Alternatively, we sell a 4% lidocaine spray, which goes on clear and doesn’t require pre-application. Again, some people love it and others barely notice a difference. In other words, YMMV certainly applies here!

Patch test
The easiest way to determine your reaction to treatment? Try it! We’re located in one of the most accessible spots of NYC, so come in for a patch test. All new Nios electrolysis clients receive a free consultation before beginning their treatment. Typically we do this right before the first treatment, but if you’re concerned about your pain level we recommend scheduling a consultation only so that we can treat a small patch of your skin to give you an idea of the sensation you can expect as well as your skin’s reaction to treatment. Give us a call to set up your consultation and/or let us answer any other questions you may have. We’re hair for you every step of the way 😉