He Said She Said - the Real Story with Hair Growth | Nios Spa

Hair Myth: Once it’s removed, hair will grow back darker/coarser/thicker/longer.

The answer: Negative! Hair doesn’t grow back stronger after hair removal procedures, but that is a very common misconception.

This subject has been studied for quite some time. One particular study dating back to 1928 involves four men that tested this myth by growing out and then shaving their beards. The four men shaved their beards under the same conditions (same soap, water temperature, razors and shaving technique) and their hairs were collected and measured. After around 100 hairs were examined, the conclusion was that there is no evidence that shaving accelerates hair growth. Of course we have different scientific standards today than we did in 1928, but recent studies on this subject give us the same results.

The end of the hair shaft is tapered naturally so normally what you are seeing is the thinnest part of the hair. When you shave, the blunt end of the hair is exposed and feels rough and coarse in comparison. If you were to let the hair grow, it will naturally taper just the way it was before and feel softer as it gets longer. Additionally, when you shave, the once-tapered end of the hair suddenly receives a larger surface area, which was created by the shaving, thereby giving the illusion of thicker hair. Finally, it’s also important to note that hair overtime is lightened by the sun so when it grows back it may appear darker even though that is the natural color of the hair.

Plus, if you think about it, this myth might be a little ridiculous. Consider it this way — most women shave their legs regularly the same way that men shave their faces. Imagine how hairy we’d all be if hair grew back thicker and darker EVERY time?

In conclusion, this myth is just a hairy story 🙂