Electrolysis Hair Removal Aftercare

As a means of permanent hair removal, electrolysis works for everybody, regardless of hair or skin type. Some clients have skin that exhibits little visible reaction following their treatments (some even come in on their lunch breaks!), but on average, you should expect to have redness for several days after treatment. That said, we’ve compiled the following post-treatment tips to help skin heal as quickly as possible:

While there are many things we can recommend to do or not do, the two guiding principles are: 1. Keep clean, and 2. Don’t irritate. Remember these two principles, and you will be all set!

Keep clean: as far as we’re concerned, the only thing you need to do is wash with mild soap twice a day. And then make sure not to get the electrolysis area dirty. For example, resist the temptation to touch it with your hand. And try not to use makeup for as long as possible (48 hours if you can, but 24 hours at an absolute minimum), because your makeup is likely not clean.

Don’t irritate: don’t do anything that can be abrasive. For example, don’t bleach,, exfoliate, or shave so long as the area is not back to normal.

Those are the two basic principles. And here are some more in detail:

Avoid the sun
Being in the sun causes irritation, and therefore should be avoided as much as possible in your first few days after treatment, and definitely during the first 24-48 hours. After a few days, make sure to use a heavy sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. But you should be doing this anyway 🙂

Apply soothing agents
Applying skin soothers like aloe vera and witch hazel will calm red, irritated skin. Use a cotton ball to apply these skin soothers immediately after treatment and continue as needed in the days to follow. As always, remember not to double dip.

Stick to a gentle skincare regimen
A modified skincare regimen will help keep skin free of dirt and bacteria without impeding the healing process. Substitute rough exfoliants and drying soaps for gentle, fragrance-free cream cleansers. The simpler and gentler the better! After cleansing, use a fresh and clean towel to gently pat skin dry.

Let skin breathe
Avoid tight clothing that rubs against your treatment area, as the friction will further irritate your skin and make it harder for it to get the air it needs to heal quickly. Instead, opt for looser-fitting clothing and breathable fabrics to maximize airflow. Avoid makeup immediately following treatment; if soothing agents don’t calm your skin enough for you to feel comfortable without some concealer, make sure you use one that’s newly opened and specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

It’s best to avoid it exercise for the first 24 hours after treatment. After that, you can work out, but if you did electrolysis on an area that will experience rubbing, such as the bikini line or underarm, it’s best to wait a few extra days. It all depends on what type of workout you are doing and what area you treated, and goes back to the “don’t irritate” principle – sweating in general is okay, but you just don’t want to irritate the area.

While your skin’s history may provide some insight into what you can expect following treatment, it’s impossible to predict exactly how your skin will react to electrolysis. The best way to find out for yourself is to come in for a free consultation and patch test so that you can try out electrolysis on a small area of skin. You can set one up via phone (212-863-9058, 11am-8pm 7 days a week) or 24/7 via our online booking system.