Does Home Permanent Hair Removal Really Work?

Wondering if permanent hair removal at home really works? Then this page is for you!

All permanent hair removal techniques, both real and fake, attempt to destroy the follicle using heat (or a chemical reaction, but that's a topic for another article...). ,In order to permanently remove hair, the underlying hair follicle needs to be destroyed. That's easier said than done, since the root of the hair follicle lies beneath the skin. What's important to understand is that the hair that you see above the skin is basically ""dead"" tissue and applying heat to it does nothing to stop the underlying ""living"" follicle from producing more hair. ,

So now we know you need to get heat delivered beneath the skin. But how do you get it there? Yes, you already know there are several professional solutions on the market, including electrolysis permanent hair removal and laser hair reduction (note that laser is not effective enough to claim ""removal"" - and you'll never see it advertised as such - surprise!). But you're likely reading this because you prefer an at-home solution, whether for convenience or cost. Brace yourself for the bad news: it doesn't exist. That's because getting enough heat underneath your skin is not safe enough to do at home, and we can virtually guarantee no such machine will be approved by the FDA any time soon. Considering the risk of burning, you probably don't want to do it at home anyway - the whole point of removing hair is to look better, not worse.

So yes, mostly all the marketing claiming at-home permanent hair removal isn't real. The bottom line is that professional electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal, while laser is approved for permanent hair reduction (To learn more about the difference between electrolysis and laser, ,read this page).

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