Groin and Bikini Permanent Hair Removal Via Electrolysis

Unwanted hair in the groin/bikini area is a common reason new clients come to Nios, and their hair removal histories have often followed a similar path. Given the area, many people initially opt for hair removal methods they can execute in the privacy of their own home, like shaving or using depilatory creams. These methods may seem to do the trick at first, but the thick, dark hair typical of the groin region grows back quickly, so results are short-lived and hair must soon be removed again. Maintaining hairlessness in this area requires frequent shaving or depilation, which irritates the skin and makes continued home hair removal even more difficult. Further complicating matters are the ingrown hairs and razor bumps that are particularly common in the groin region. Those with unwanted hair often graduate to salon processes like waxing, only to discover that many of the same issues arise, and although the results last a bit longer than shaving alone, the process still needs regular repetition. In contrast to other groin hair removal methods, electrolysis is precise, efficient, and – best of all – permanent. It even treats ingrown hairs, helping them heal faster and getting clients back on the road to smooth skin.

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