Dark Hair Permanent Removal Via Electrolysis

Dark hair tends to be thicker/coarser in texture than lighter hair. It gets its color from melanin, the pigment required for laser hair removal to work. Why, then, do so many people choose electrolysis to remove dark hair? As you’ve probably guessed by now, a major influencing factor is electrolysis achieving permanent hair removal, while laser only permanently reduces hair growth. Another factor is skintone. Many people with dark hair also have dark skin, and, like hair, skin gets its pigment from melanin, so much of the light given off by the laser is absorbed by melanin in the skin, causing less damage to the hair follicle, and increasing the risk of skin-related side effects like hyperpigmentation, burning and scarring.

Additionally, electrolysis can do things laser can’t such as eyebrow shaping, mole hair removal, and more.

CATEGORY: MEDICAL SUTIATIONS (ingrown hair, pcos, psudefollicultis/razor bumps, mole hair, pregnancy)

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