Permanent Mole Hair Removal with Electrolysis

Tired of removing unsighly mole, beauty mark, freckle, or birthmark hair? Well look no further - electrolysis is truly the only method that can permanently get rid of it!  

You already know that hairs are quite persistant and insist on coming back when you tweeze. Laser hair removal won't work either since laser depends on the dark pigment in hair to destroy the hair follicles. Moles tend to have a lot of pigment too, so lasers have a hard time telling the difference between mole hair and the mole itself.  In addition (and contrary to popular belief), electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. Read more about why laser is not here.

Nios is redefining the practice of permanent hair removal and electrolysis in New York. We treat men and women, are conveniently located near nine subways, and have the highest safety procedures and the best-trained electrologists, all of whom are Certified Professional Electrologists (CPE) - possibly the only center in NYC to require this. We know you may have more questions, which is why we offer free, no-pressure (really!) consultations - call us and we'd be happy to find a slot that works for you.

And get ready to experience a truly hair-free (and mole-hair-free) body!