Nios Art

For a limited time, talented artists exhibit their work at Nios's office! ,

Nios Art is part of our Social Responsibility program. We are giving all sales profits away:

  • 50% is contributed to a charity ,
  • 50% to support the artist  ,

This Month ,

Nios is showcasing Heather Heckel. ,

Have you ever walked through the aisles of Whole Foods and thought ""I wonder who creates the in-store signs and graphic art""?  ,Well, Heather is one of the select artists responsible for these images!

Heather is a freelance illustrator and graphic artist who lives  ,in Brooklyn.  ,She is also a  ,teaching artist at the Queens Museum of Art and at Groundswell. ,

Heather has a Master of Arts in Teaching and Art Education from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, and is certified to teach art in the state of New York.  ,She has a BFA in illustration from the Ringling College of Art &, Design in Sarasota, FL.  ,

For more information, or to commision artwork, visit www.heatherheckel.com

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