Permanent Hair Removal for White, Blond, Grey, and Fuzz Hair

Why does electrolysis work so much better than laser hair removal for white, blond, grey, white, red, and fuzz (peach) hair?

Laser hair removal destroys hair follicles using heat, but the heat must reach the base of the hair follicle, which lies beneath the skin. Yet the heat produced by laser hits the whole surface of your skin. When the heat reaching the follicle is sufficient, it can delay the growth of or destroy the follicle. But not enough heat always reaches the follicle, which is why the FDA only allows laser to market as hair reduction, not laser hair removal.

The lighter your hair color or the darker your skin color, the less effective laser becomes. Since the heat produced by laser travels better through the dark hair pigment rather than skin, the success of laser treatment depends on the amount of pigment in your hair compared to your skin. Therefore, people with light (blond, white, grey) or "peach fuzz hair" (vellus) or those with tan or dark skin are hard or impossible to treat with laser.

Electrolysis is different. It brings the heat directly to the source and only destroys the cells that need to be eliminated, leaving the skin intact. It remains fully effective for white hair, grey hair, red hair, and blond hair since it doesn't rely on the amount of pigment in the hair to destroy the follicle. The fact that electrolysis doesn't rely on pigment also explains why it's fully effective in treating very dark skin. 

Nios is redefining the practice of permanent hair removal and electrolysis in New York. We have the highest safety procedures and the best-trained electrologists, all of whom are or are studying to become Certified Professional Electrologists (CPE).  

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