Permanent Eyebrow Shaping

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    Stop tweezing, shaving, waxing, threading, and spending money to get your eyebrows in shape!

    Well-groomed eyebrows have an enormous effect on the way you look -- balancing the shape of your face, and shaving (no pun intended) years off your age.

    Since electrolysis is extremely precise, it is essentially the only way to permanently shape perfect eyebrows (in other words, laser hair removal just won't do).  

    Every person's bone structure is different -- that is why we tailor your eyebrow shapes to enhance the shape of your own features. 

    For men, we remove unibrows and make eyebrows look clean-shaven, but not too defined.

    For women, we thin and re-shape the eyebrows, balancing your face and accentuating your natural form. 

    So stop the threading, and put that eyebrow stencil, tweezer, and trimmer away.  Call (212) 863 9058 to schedule a consultation for the best professional permanent eyebrow shaping in NYC.

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