Ingrown Hair, Razor Bumps, & Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

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    How to get rid of Ingrown Hair, Razor Bumps, Shaving bumps, Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, & Folliculitis

    Ingrown hair is caused when hair gets trapped inside the follicle or re-grows into the skin.  This often occurs in shaved areas since the hair edge is sharper and can more easily penetrate the skin.  Common affected areas include the bikini (bikini bumps), legs, and underarm (for women) and the neck and face (beard) in men. 

    Pseudofolliculitis barbae - commonly called razor bumps or shave or shaving bumps - is one possible result of ingrown hair.  This condition often involves inflammation of the hair follicle that causes  firm reddish or dark bumps on the skin and is much more common in people with curly hair (which is why razor bumps are frequent in men and women with black skin).  Repeated shaving of these bumps may lead to irritation and pustules similar to acne and may lead to permanent scarring or keloid formation.  As with ingrown hair, common areas for pseudofolliculitis barbae include the neck, face, bikini line, and legs. 

    Folliculitis occurs when the hair follicle gets infected with bacteria, producing pimples similar to acne.

    Treatment of all conditions may involve avoidance of close shaving, topical prescription medications, or permanent hair removal.  As opposed to laser hair removal, electrolysis can target hair follicles that are still ingrown under the skin.

    Your Nios electrologist can gently remove ingrown hairs and  treat the follicles with electrolysis so the hair will never come back again.  We will also teach you how to get rid of and prevent razor bumps by combining electrolysis and simple at-home remedies and products. 

    You can schedule a free consultation to get more information on ingrown hairs, razor bumps, facial bumps, bikini bumps, and pseudofolliculitis barbae.  You will also learn how electrolysis can provide relief and help you achieve smooth, healthy skin.  We will even let you try out electrolysis for free. Call us at (212) 863 9058 to schedule. 

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